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Ms. Diana Nandagire Ntamu


This has been a year of transition at the Centre. In our effort to foster entrepreneurship, the Centre has had to shift its focus from providing short term training programmes for business people to building capacity of those who are providing training to entrepreneurs in different parts of the country and the region. This has been done during the Annual Training For Teachers of Entrepreneurship, a component activity of the Annual Entrepreneurship Conference. Besides this, the Centre has gone deeper into developing the entrepreneurial potential of young people. The programmes including the Michael Frese Business Creation Programme, the Skills Development Programme, the Annual Youth Camp and the Patrick Bitature Entrepreneurship Award are the different avenues we have used to change the way young people think and encourage them to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career option the face of unemployment. We plan to incubate promising businesses of the young people in the coming year. The Centre has also strengthened its linkage with the business community around Nakawa, Mbuya, Bugolobi through its monthly business clinic. Entrepreneurs have had an opportunity to share their challenges with our Business Advisers to enable them do business better. As a Centre that fosters entrepreneurship, we are happy to be surrounded by succeeding business people. We have continued to share findings from our research projects. The Centre held the GEM dissemination seminar in April 2012 and the seminar did attract researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers. We expect that they can use the GEM data to improve the process of policy formulation in the effort to improve the business environment in the country to have thriving entrepreneurs. The Annual Entrepreneurship Conference continues to be an important avenue where local and international participants share and learn form each other challenges and best practices in entrepreneurship development. We are very grateful to our partners who believe in us and offer us support in our effort to promote entrepreneurship in the country.